The Consultant's Desk

The Consultant's Desk
Poring over the details on your behalf

Consultant Services

Yes, I am a consultant. My niche is Organizational Development (OD).

Actually, OD is a big space and I have specialties within it. They are:

  • Diversity
    • women
    • minorities
    • disability accommodation and hiring
  • Ethics and Legal Research
  • Mediation
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Coaching, training, and development
  • Retention and promotion
  • Workplace Morale
  • Workplace hostility, safety, and abuse
  • Domestic Abuse EAP measures

Sometimes what you need is a person to analyze why your turnover rate is so high. I can go through a detailed analysis with you to determine what's happened in the past, measures that will help correct that, lay out a plan of action, and then help you execute it.

In addition to these soft practices, I also review office systems in order to detect economic inefficiencies and make recommendations for improvements. I will then go through a review of the new implementation for review and recommend adjustments for a better fit.

I'm available on a consultative basis or as a speaker, trainer, writer, or presenter. I can make referrals as needed.

Would you like to have my assistance? While I can be reached by email Yvonne LaRose, the best way to retain my services or arrange for a consultation is through my upword presence on Fiverr.

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