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The Consultant's Desk
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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Value of Undercover Boss

It's important for the boss to get a hands-on sense of how the business is operating and who's responsible for keeping the ship afloat. Some bosses simply don't have a sense of what the business is about until they (quite literally in some instances) get their hands dirty with the typical grind. That's why "Undercover Boss is so important to business executives.

There are far too many instances of executives who run a business by top-down orders and who don't try to find out what's actually happening on the floor or in the field that makes those orders unrealistic.

More importantly, those in the job market have an opportunity to do business and company research about opportunities either in that company or else in that industry. People have the ability to see more than the typical job out there waiting to be filled.

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