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The Consultant's Desk
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The New Jobster Model

Ray van den Bel is not only the founder of Online Networkers but he is also a really neat guy. And he's a recruiter to boot!

It seems my "To Do" list has gotten so long that it's slipping into public view. There's a longstanding invitation to review the new Jobster model that I accepted. The difficulty is there's not been a lot of time to do it. (Okay, I'll stop making excuses. But I am definitely not whining!) Ray must have discovered that commitment. Great guy and astute businessman that he is (who knows how to build alliances), he picked up the slack.

Yesterday I discovered he not only joined the new venue of my Entrances networking site but he also wrote a review of Jobster's new model.

What is really good about his observations is that he had the time to look at the site first from the job seeker experience, from the networker experience, and included a few tips about completing one's profile compared with posting the resume. He also shared his observations about the recruiter's side of the site, the cost efficiencies, the tools, the conveniences.

He wraps up his analysis with observations about the viability of this new model and makes a couple of projections.

It's good to develop new relationships, especially when they prove to be collaborations.

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